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REINCARNATION 6-class Course
6x Mondays starting Sept 8, 2014 @ 7pm

Download Audio Recording;  Reincarnation Intro

prerequisite Beginner Kabbalah

The Wisdom of Reincarnation explains the Laws of Cause and Effect and how we are subjected to them. And it allows us to understand the Divine Consciousness that created them. By learning about the Order of Reincarnation we are able to guide ourselves through the maze of life. Whether in our relations, our profession or in our personal life – the effects of our past lifetimes appear. There is no way we can avoid the consequences of our actions. It is not G-d who determines them but us. Learn how to undo the non-desired outcomes that may emerge from your past and how to enhance the ones you really want.


  • The Four Worlds – our multidimensional existence
  • The Five levels of the Soul
  • Your Name – the Key to Genetic Memory
  • Personal and collective Karma or ‘Tikun’: Laws of Correction
  • Root-Souls – the Spiritual Family Tree
  • Reincarnation in the Scriptures
  • The “Dead Living” and the “Living Dead” -
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      course fee $120