Kabbalistic Meditation Course Information


6-class course, to be announced

According to the teachings of the Kabbalah, the human mind is the key to the soul and to spiritual enlightenment.  It is up to us either to awaken our spiritual abilities in order to live more fulfilling lives or remain dormant and live a dull life.  Meditation is the most powerful spiritual tool used by all spiritual leaders to transcend the barriers of time and connect to their immortal and divine essence.  The Kabbalists have paved the way for all of us to experience our inner beauty and enjoy the pleasure of life.


Introduction to Kabbalistic Meditation

Guided Breathing – the Key for Soul Empowerment

Mind over Matter – Soul over Body

Anti – stress. Spiritual Genetic Therapy

Mantras and Kabbalistic Holy-Names

The Human Body & The Tree of Life

Rectification (Tikun) of the Nefesh

Rejuvenation of Soul, Bind and Body

Location: 3022 Cambie Street, Vancouver, 2nd flr

Price: CDN $120.00