Beginner Kabbalah Info

KABBALAH Basics 6-class Course

This course is specially designed to provide all the necessary information required to understand the Wisdom of Kabbalah. It is both basic and profound. There is absolutely no requirement of previous knowledge to join this course.

Next course:
6x Wednesdays, starting Sept 3, 2014
7 – 8:30pm


Class 1. Intro. – Origins of the Kabbalah; Religion, Science & Metaphysics
Who was the first Kabbalist? How does Kabbalah relate to religion? Is there a conflict between Kabbalah and science? How has Quantum Physics opened the Gateway to understand Kabbalah?

Class 2. Unraveling the mysteries of the Creation and the Universe
Although the human mind is opening up and expanding throughout the universe, we are still bewildered with the mysteries of the creation. Who created the universe and more importantly, why?
Kabbalah demystifies the real and only mystery of the universe – MAN.

Class 3. Practicing Kabbalah and Living in Harmony with the Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy, like any other source of energy, is crude and needs to be harnessed correctly, otherwise may be hazardous! Kabbalah teaches us how to correctly harness this energy for proper “Human consumption”.

Class 4. The Hebrew Language and its Spiritual Powers
All languages have a specific and unique frequency. The frequency of the Hebrew language is the closest to that of the universe. Hebrew transcends the barriers of the illusory perception of the world that our mind has created.

Class 5. Kabbalistic Meditation – Genetic Memory & Spiritual Empowerment with the 72 Holy Names
All our behavior patterns are part of our genetic memory. Meditation is a Spiritual Genetic Therapy by which we can heal ourselves from obsessive and compulsive behaviors that harm us.

Class 6. The Tree of Life and the Spiritual Genetic Code of the Universe
The human body is a micro-cosmos, it is nourished through spiritual channels, known as the Sefirot. The structure of the Tree of Life with the 10 Sefirot helps us to align our physical Body with our Spiritual one.

Location: 3022 Cambie Street, Vancouver, 2nd flr

Price: $120.00 Registration <– click here